Apps you need as a blogger

Hi everyone, welcome back.

Do you ever wonder what apps people have on their phones? Because I do. I’m definitely more curious since starting blogging because I follow so many people who claim to only use their phones and I guess I want to try and get the most out of mine.

Obviously, I’m only going to be including apps that I’ve installed and not things like messages and emails etc.


Instagram – As frustrating as it can be, I still love using it. I’m on it multiple times a day liking and commenting on photos, even if I’m not posting! I’m trying to get into using stories more, too! If you don’t already follow me and you want to, you can find me here

Twitter – I was pretty much addicted to Twitter a few years ago and then I deleted my account. When I decided to make this blog, I made a new account with the intention that it was going to be a blog Twitter and whilst I do use it to promote my blog, it’s pretty much become a personal account. You can follow me there, here

Whatsapp – It’s just so convenient and most, if not all of my contacts use itWordPress – obviously!

YouTube – Like most other people, I love watching YouTube videos! You can find some of my favourite YouTubers in this post

Snapchat – I’m honestly not sure why I still have this as I never use it. I think it’s because Lillie likes to stick her tongue out to the dog filter. Oh, and to check up on my brother’s uni antics!

Samsung health – Since I finally got my arse into gear when it comes to eating better and trying to lose a bit of weight, I like to keep track of what I’m eating and my calorie intake. It’s not fun and I’m not super strict with it, but I’ve managed to lose half a stone so far!

Lady timer– a girl’s gotta keep track of her cycle!

Followers Assistant – With so many people playing the follow unfollow game on Instagram, I use this to track my follower. Crowdfire – When I do actually remember to schedule posts, this is great. which is really handy because of I’m reading a really good blog post, article etc. I can share it instantly

Insta size – Now that I’ve got the most basic of all themes going on (my photos all have the same edit/filter) I like to use insta size to play around with which order to post my photos inin – With the Instagram algorithm and shadow banning stopping our photos from being seen, I like to use this to find hashtags associated with my photo that I might not normally think of. This way, my posts are being seen by more people than usual

Desyner – I only recently discovered this, but you can use it to design a multitude of different things, such as Instagram stories and posts, Snapchats, banners, posters, newsletters etc. I haven’t used it properly yet, but I’ve got an idea in mind so we’ll see how it goes.

please any question or any thing just comment below …..

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Thanks 😉

With Love, Ayo xxxx

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