Personal |7 goals for 2018

What should I do in 2018?

I want to make this year even better than last year (2017 is the worse of the worse year). The previous years, I set only one goal for one year. This year I want to try a lot of new things and here are my top 7 goals this year. Wish me luck!

These are my top 7 goals for 2018.

01|One notebook for a year
Every year I have to buy at least two notebooks and I never filled the whole notebook. It’s such a waste of money and paper. This year I will start to do one notebook for a year and to fill the whole book if I can. Can I?

02| Travel (to place I never)

I don’t travel much. I had been to Ghana when I was fifteen if I’m not mistaken. I don’t remember anything when I was there. There was nothing fun to do that time. I just remember that we spent most of our time walking and in the taxi. We exchanging hotel every 2 nights (#exhausted). there is nothing fun to do there. There are mini zoo places at Accra and I haven’t been to all of them. I really like to watch animals, I had to pet them but I can’t. In the huge, open-air Kejetia Market, stalls sell everything from glass beads to Ashanti sandals.

03| Do my own makeup

I really love seeing people do their makeup. I am totally clueless about makeup. I never know how to do my own makeup. I should learn how to do it. Beauty goal! I can do #MOTD on my blog. Let’s see the future!

Who can I ask for help on this?

04| Be a consistent blogger

How can I balance between my school life and my blog life?

It’s just the first month of school and I had a lot of schoolwork to do. This goal can help me to be with my blog. My favourite goals this year is to be consistent with my blog. I will post a new blog post every Saturday and maybe if I have something to blog about, I will post it every Wednesday. I think I should add videos to my blog if I have an idea to make one (do you have any ideas?). Allthingsshukran is my place to share everything in my life. Watch out for a post every Saturday.

05| Novel time

I’m not a bookworm kind of person but I do enjoy reading. I read five series novels last year. This year is my last year of university and I really want to spent time on studying and read novels. My university have hostel reading room . I don’t like reading in the reading room. I feel comfortable reading in my room. Every year I read at least three books but last year I read five. This year my aim is to read seven to eight books or more before my B’sc level exam.

06| spend times with love ones.

Family and friends are a part of my life and I can’t live without them. Last year I didn’t have time to hang out with my friends, so maybe this year I could make plans with them before we go out of university year.

07| study for a bright future.

As you know, this year is my last and I will be doing my B’sc level exam. I’m not aiming for the B’sc but I’m aiming for the A’s. I really truly want great excellent result. My future is depending on it. I have to remember my education is my future, my future is my life.

I used last university year a lot in my goals. I guess I want 2018 to be the year I will never forget. This is the last, 2018 is the last university year. I wish to achieve my goals and I hope you will achieve your goals. This is my goal for 2018. What’s yours?

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Thanks 😉

With Love, Ayo xxxx

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