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For many years whilst driving through the “Third Mainland Bridge” in Lagos, I notice a community built on water. I always asked myself why people lived there and years later I ask why they chose never to leave. Recently, I had the opportunity to visit this community whose name is “MAKOKO” and had my questions answered.

This community is a fishing community with men responsible for catching fish whilst women are responsible for smoking and selling fish. The people are mainly from the Ijaw tribe (hence the reason I couldn’t understand the language spoken in Makoko) with some from the Yoruba and Igbo tribe. Makoko consists of 11 communities (6 of which are built on water). The community operates self sufficiently with limited interference from the government with chief being the judicial system. Below is a visual diary of my trip to Makoko.

It was the perfect evening for an adventure so we embarked on one. By the way this was my ideas of expanding a perfect evening. my dad is a sea food lover.

The fish market is by the bank of a river the fish market. The fishermen catch the fish and bring them straight from the boat into the market.

For all the sea food lovers, the Asegere Smoking Fish market, popularly known as the Makoko fish market due its location at the Makoko area in Yaba, Lagos, is the place to be. New media consultant, Gbenga Olorunpomi, visited the market yesterday and we thought to share with you some of the photos he posted from the market.

Several types of fish can be found in this market, like the Calamari, Tiger Prawns, Shrimps, Crocker Fish, Red and Black Snapper, Baracuda, Catfish, Sea Crab, Sea Snails, Tilapia, among others.

Sorry there is no picture of me at the market.

Tip to visiting a market

1.The heat can be intense so I suggest you take along drinks and snacks

2.Wear a hat to protect you from the heat.

3.Wear comfortable shoes like trainer.

4.Wear trousers (makes getting in and out of the boat easy)

5.Have an open mind because fish smells so does the market.

6.If you speak Yoruba then you shouldn’t have a problem.

7. If you are buying don’t be scared to bargain.

8.Don’t wear white you might get stains.

9. Make sure to enjoy the view and tip the woman that takes you around the market.

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