What on my new iPhone 8?

Hello beauties, how you all doing? Been quite stressed and tired.

I have the rose gold iPhone 8 and my lease just ended this month — I’m still undecided whether or not I’d like to upgrade to the iPhone X when it launches this fall. I might just keep this phone and get an Apple watch instead since I really like this size and version of the iPhone! Plus, I really want an Apple watch for tracking my running!

I currently use this case on my iPhone and love that it is clear.

This is the home screen of my iPhone with all of my most-used apps in one handy location. The row has the basics, we have:


This app merges both of my email accounts (both personal and design) into one! I used to also have my work email synced to this app but removed it because I found myself checking / responding to work emails way too much.


I don’t use the calendar as much as I should. Well I use it to keep records of my friends and family birthday.


This is the most used app by my mom (not by me) as she loves to see the photos at the end of the day that I’ve snapped throughout the day.i have 987 photos and videos in my library. Because my iPhone is still new.


Yes, this is the app I use the most. I snap lot of pics in a day.


That is Apple maps, I use in Lagos must time when am going out and do know my way there.


I use it to create alarms and sometimes to check the time difference between some countries.

Weather,News ,Home

The weather app requires my device’s location to be active all the time so I avoid using that .the weather in Lagos can’t be predating .The news app i don’t use it as it’s usability can’t be compared to Flip board . Home accessories that can be paired with the Apple ecosystem ,so I heard.


I just really don’t get it! I really don’t!why does Apple provide us iPhone users with the stock app? Trust me,I haven’t opened that app since I unboxed this phone for the first time and I don’t intend in stock markets.


This app is also just to give a presenter to my iPhone’s Home screen. I don’t use this app at all no matter whatever the consequences.

App Store,iTunes store,iBooks

These are the essential apps that I require in any way to maintain the integrity of my iPhone. Any iPhone’s integrity is from its apps. And from where do you download apps on an iPhone hone ,the App Store.

Health, Wallet

I don’t use the health app directly very useful. Wallet I don’t use.


Who doesn’t use this app?

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Thanks πŸ˜‰

With Love, Ayo xxxx

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