Period Products that Every girl should know

For a very long time, the only menstrual hygiene products available to women were created by men. Although traditional tampons and pads have certainly done well for us in the past, there are so many new products out there that were created by women for women. From reusable menstrual discs to period-proof underwear, allow us to introduce you to all the alternatives out there, many of which are not only better and more comfortable for your body but much healthier for the environment as well. Menstrual revolution, here we come!

Just organic cotton! Remember that each woman uses about 10,000 menstrual hygiene products in her lifetime, so it matters what you’re putting into your body.

You can choose between Model 1, which is perfect for a light flow, or Model 2, which is good for medium to heavy flows. You’ll have to get up close and personal with yourself in the insertion process, but hey, now’s the perfect time to learn about your body! Many women (myself included) find menstrual cups to be much more comfortable than tampons, and the fact that you don’t have to carry around extra tampons is a huge advantage to using this product.Just be sure to clean it after each period is over by putting it into a pot of rapidly boiling water for five to 10 minutes.
Reusable Pad and Insert

Lunapads is a women-owned company that creates sustainable, safe menstrual hygiene products for menstruating people everywhere. These reusable pads are washable and adjustable to fit your flow. Lunapads has a two-part system that includes a removable insert, so you don’t have to change your whole pad every time. Everything is leak resistant and made with material to keep you dry and comfortable.

This is an ideal product for women who, quite frankly, don’t like putting anything up their vagina. Plus, there isn’t any waste happening with Lunapads, so you can rest assured your carbon footprint is a little bit smaller.

Disposable Menstrual Discs

OK, we admit that, at first, this product sounds a bit wacky. But it’s said to be extremely comfortable once you get the hang of it, and it leads to 60 percent less waste than if you were to use tampons on the regular. But what exactly is it?

Flex is a, well, flexible menstrual disc ($15 for your first three months) that sits just past the vaginal canal, while tampons and menstrual cups plug the vaginal canal. That’s why it’s said to be much more comfortable than traditional menstrual hygiene products. Plus, you can have sex while using Flex.It’s made with a medical-grade polymer that’s used in surgical tools that go inside the body. Don’t worry, it’s FDA-registered, hypoallergenic, and BPA- and phthalate-free. There’s no latex or silicone in sight. When you’re done using it, you dispose of it like a tampon and open another one to use. It holds five tampons’ worth of blood, and (so far) there’s no link to toxic shock syndrome (TSS).
Sea Sponge

Yes, that sponge is meant to go in your vagina. Sea sponges are sustainably harvested and biodegradable, so they’re perfect for all the environmentally conscious women out there! Choose from a small or medium size, and you can trim the sponge to fit your body. You can use these sponges for three to six months, but just make sure you’re cleaning them correctly.

Period-Proof Underwear

Thinx has created all sorts of products that are made to absorb your blood flow. Choose from panties, training shorts, or leotards. Each item of clothing holds a different amount of liquid. For example, the Hiphugger underwear holds up to two tampons’ worth of blood. Alternatively, the Cheeky panties hold up to one tampon worth of blood and are perfect for your lighter days. These are a real game changer for women who don’t like to fuss with tampons, pads, or menstrual cups. You can freebleed comfortably, all the while trusting that you won’t deal with any leakage.

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