Currently, I am February 28 2019

Hi Guys , welcome back to my blog and if it’s your first time joining us, WELCOME!!!! we really hope you stay and don’t forget to click the follow and like botton.

I’m super exhausted I don’t even want to get into it.. I can’t believe it’s the last day of February, it’s all moving so fast , we’re all growing old *welp* lol .

I dont think i’ve ever prayed for a month to be as slow as i did with February but it still ended .

WIn today’s post i’m going to be talking about some of my absolute favorites from this month.

Well Happy New month in advance .

Face modeling 》I always knew that I am a shy person. But the moment am behind the camera am a total different person . if you have anyone who needs a face model please contact me.

Anticipating 》the big brother naija omg 😲 I’m too excited 😜

Craving 》Amala and Abula from White House in yaba please who know the place.

Loving 🥰 》 The weather!..I love it when it’s cold , I really really love raining season I live for.

Listening To 》I haven’t been able to download music 🎶 on my iTunes because am finding it difficult to make the payment 🤧 if you know how to help me please tell me know.

Watching  》Netflix shows. Gossip girl was top on my list. I also watched a ton of my favourite YouTube Web Series (the men’s club was top on the list).

Grateful for  》 I’m grateful for love and the friends that God has given me. I can’t over emphasize how friends have been a blessing to me.

Excited about 》 Developing contents for my Facebook and Instagram live. I’ve finally decided to embrace my love for the camera and I intend to use the platform to share tips on social media marketing and branding for small business owners and individuals.

Exercise 》Back to my exercise. After a long time without I think it should about two years now I stopped working out .

Loving🙈 》The new dimension that my relationship with God has taken. I’m excited that prayers no longer seem like a task to be done. I’m also loving my disposition to bright colours. I’m more than willing to try bright colours now unlike before that I shy away from it.

Have a nice day loves

Xoxo miss Ayo !!!


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