Onion and ginger hair treatment

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This week I would be deciding about onions and ginger juice 🥤 treatment I have been using on my hair. Since I started my transition my hair back to natural hair. I have been have difficulty with dandruff since I could remember. When My sister told me about this treatment I was like “hmmm nahhh” I didn’t like the smell but wait! Hold up! Surprisingly It works!!! How?  Onions have rich sulfur content in them. Onion juices when applied on the scalp can improve the blood circulation to the scalp. Ginger contain gingerol, which helps to fight free radical – you got to keep them away as these can damage hair cells, and cause hair thinning and hair loss.

Hair grows from the hair follicles in the scalp and increased blood supply to the scalp brings better nutrients and nourishment to the follicles and promotes hair growth. The sulfur content in the juice also has anti-bacterial properties and prevents the growth of fungi and bacteria on the scalp that contributes to hair loss.

Onions and ginger juice increases the strength of the hair and prevents thinning and breakage. You can achieve improved volume to your hair by regularly applying the onion and ginger juice on the scalp. 

How To Make Onion and ginger Juice For Hair Growth

1. Peel the required number of onions and ginger according to the length of your hair and chop them into small pieces. 

2. Put chopped onions and ginger in a blender, juicer or grater and blend to form a paste. 

3. Extract the juice using a sieve or clean cotton cloth.(Do Not skip this step else the onion and ginger fiber will get stuck in your hair)

4. Add few drops of Essential Oil (optional). I used Tea tree Essential Oil, great growth stimulants.

5. On freshly cleansed hair, apply onion juice all over your scalp with finger tips and massage it in.

6. Cover with a processing cap and leave in for at least 30 minutes or overnight. 

7. Continue your normal wash process. 

Have You Tried Onion and ginger Juice Treatment? Let Me Know.

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